About Kingpin Computers

Certified Computer Services in Northeast Ohio

KingPin Computers is an A+ certified and experienced IT Consulting firm, specializing in Computer Repair, Managed IT, Virus Removal, Surveillance Systems, network data cabling and more. We offer the best computer service in Cleveland and in the tri-state region of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Northeast Ohio at the most competitive rates. We understand how important an efficient, properly working computer is to your business and your life. When issues arise, we are there to solve problems and get your fleet of PCs and laptops up and running properly, efficiently, and with no negative impact to your productivity or bottom line.

Whether installing your IT systems or troubleshooting and repairing an existing issue inside your home, KingPin Computer’s certified professionals have the experience and insight to ensure the most efficient system with robust security measures. We are able to make repairs, upgrades, and even perform virus removal at your home or office, or even remotely from our home office in Cleveland, Ohio. Occasionally we are required to hold your computer for a few days to ensure your system is restored to perfect working condition.

Our IT professionals are simply the best in the business. We are constantly updating our knowledge and training so we can better handle the latest viruses and spyware, perform software and hardware upgrades, and provide the fastest, most reliable computer service in Cleveland Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

When partnering with KingPin, you can rest assured that no matter what happens to your fleet of computers or IT system, the issue will be resolved quickly, easily, and without loss of productivity to your business.