How much money would your business lose by the hour?

I’m not here to talk technical to you on this page. I’m here to talk money. If your server goes down or your most “mission critical PC” gets taken out by the Cryptolocker virus, (which by the way there is no fix for other than restoring)  are you absolutely sure that you have good working backups?

The Law of Eventuality!

The KingPin does not want to bore you with all of his technical knowledge. Instead, the KingPin would like to tell you about the “Law of Eventuality.” A hard drive will eventually fail, data will eventually be lost, unless properly backed up. There are now viruses that will encrypt your data and hold it for ransom and there is NO fix except for paying the ransom, which the Kingpin does NOT recommend doing. You’re better off properly paying for proper backups to begin with. Do you gamble? Do you like risk? Is risking your data or your client’s data worth gambling and taking a risk? The Kingpin usually sees people gamble and take that risk only to eventually have a data loss or disaster, then spend thousands for a clean room to recover their lost data (only if possible), plus spend money on new backups and compound this also with lost wages plus lost revenue. That’s a lot of money that could have been saved by just paying a low monthly fee to protect the data from being lost to begin with.

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  • Prevent Data Loss

  • Prevent lost revenue

  • Prevent Crypto Viruses from encrypting and stealing your data.




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