Commercial WiFi Installation and Setups

We Specialize in Commercial WiFi Installs and Setups in Ohio and Michigan

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Nowadays, it is expected that every business has a wireless network available for customer access. Whether you own a car dealership, a restaurant, hotel, bar, manufacturing facility, we can help you set up a completely secure wireless hot-spots for your employees and customers. Allow KingPin Computers to perform your commercial WiFi installation and setups  in Ohio and Michigan today, so you can offer your customers a safe, reliable network with blazing fast speed. We have installed commercial WiFi for hundreds of businesses, We have installed Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, Engenius and various other wireless indoor and out door antennas, including line of site shots. We can handle concrete drilling, operating scissor jacks, boom cranes safely or installation of WiFi in warehouses or high ceilings.

While many people can easily install a home wi-fi network using an out of the box router, installing a commercial network takes a lot more consideration in terms of accessible area, connectivity options among users, and security. KingPin Computers will help you install a perfectly secure network to enable file and printer sharing, and customizable accessibility across multiple users. Call KingPin Computers today for a free quote on commercial WiFi setups and network installation in Ohio and Michigan.

NOTE: We also perform commercial WiFi repairs and troubleshooting work as well. Contact us today 216-496-4023.