Expert Network Data Cabling for Auto Dealerships and Car Service Shops

Infrastructure and Data Cabling Serving Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania

Technology has improved the automotive industry in many areas. Auto dealerships and automotive repair service centers are now increasing efficiency and freeing up time through streamlined processes.

For years KingPin Computers has implemented wireless networks, surveillance systems and data cabling infrastructures for various automotive dealerships. We have also assisted in infrastructure and data cabling and WiFi for parts manufacturing facilities and automotive parts stores.

For over 15 years, KingPin Computers has completed IT projects at dozens of car dealerships. Increasing performance of your network infrastructure will increase uptime and decrease lost employee time and help your business maintain a better relationship with your vendors and customers.

Through successful network data cabling work, dealerships realize that Information Technology is an asset and not a liability.

With this, comes the following:

  • Increased efficiency and speed of transactions
  • Improved communications between you and your customers and vendors
  • Improved accurate asset and inventory management
  • Improving customer experiences, courtesy Wi-Fi, faster inventory access, quicker transactions.
  • The ability to utilize ODB testers via Wi-Fi, by setting wireless access points up throughout a car lot. This allows service shops to free up bays by diagnosing a car’s check engine light and error codes long before the car enters a repair bay.

We offer several IT management solutions for auto dealerships including:

  • Infrastructure data cabling and fiber optic cabling, Cat5e, Cat6 Fiber Optics, tested and certified.
  • Wireless networking, Access Points, and network security, Routers, Firewalls.
  • Data backup solutions, onsite and private cloud.
  • Managed IT services.
  • Help desk support 7 days a week.
  • On-Site Support.
  • VoiP phone systems.
  • Video surveillance systems, offering HD surveillance systems that are the latest in modern technology that can even read license plates and can help with loss and prevention.

We have seen several cases of catalytic converters being cut off of cars, and other car parts being stolen, which can be very costly for a car dealer. A car dealership’s CCTV surveillance system needs to be much more robust than a retail store’s camera system. Why? Because a retail building has doors and an auto dealership does not. You need to have higher performing cameras with night vision that can recognize a thief or vandal’s face in order to successfully prosecute. We have the ability to securely set up your iPhone or Android smartphone to monitor your camera systems anywhere you are 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, which is now the industry standard.

We understand and cater to the unique nature of the automotive business, such as:

  • High demands for uptime and reliability, Auto dealerships operate 12 to 14 or more hours a day and at least six days a week.
  • Connectivity between multiple locations for multi-dealer groups – we have designed the telecommunications and routing infrastructure upgrades that link multiple dealerships in dealer groups. This can allow multiple locations to operate off of a single DMS system, and solid planning for a network design is essential to meet reliability requirements.
  • Fast response time requirements – KingPin Computers offers SLA’s that fit the needs of our client. We understand that things can fail and your business needs someone there fast to eliminate any downtime. Our IT managed services business model allows us to monitor your network and website for any downtime, whether it’s a printer, router, or your Website went down, we will be alerted and stay on top of the problem from start to finish.

By implementing a solid network design, we can help eliminate performance issues and eliminate downtime. If you are already spending thousands a month on IT consulting costs, either for a fulltime IT employee or hourly costs, we can help by implementing a design with a higher fault tolerance that can allow for cheaper costs on a monthly monitoring managed IT services contract. We want to help your auto dealership succeed by eliminating high costs.

Whether you own one dealership or several, we can help you save money and time. We can work with your current Network Administrator or IT professionals and help make their job easier by monitoring your IT infrastructure for any outages or down time.  Let the professionals at KingPin Computers handle all of your IT needs — so you can focus on what is most important — running your business. Contact us today at 888-865-1083 to learn how.