Managed IT Solutions in the cloud for All Industries

Large and Small Businesses: Cut Your IT Costs by Up To 50% Each Year

Information Technology is predicted to be one of the top three success factors in high-performing businesses in 2012. Every company is looking for ways to increase their network availability and systems capability while cutting down on IT expenses. One of the best ways to make the most of your IT budget is to partner with a managed IT services provider.

A managed IT provider offers all of the services of an in-house department without the cost of salary, benefits, and additional office space. A managed IT company can take advantage of economies of scale to distribute operational costs across a variety of clients, effectively achieving the lowest possible price for their clients. By partnering with a managed IT provider you achieve the greatest cost savings and reduced risk than other IT options.

KingPin Computers is the total solution for managed services. From system installation and upgrades, to remote virus removal, to network administration, we can literally handle all of your IT needs at the lowest possible cost. We offer complete, end-to-end services with 24/7 monitoring so we can immediately resolve any issues with minimal impact to your productivity. Our services are fully customizable, so you can select the appropriate level of on-site or help desk support ¬†for your budget. We offer optimal Service Level Agreements to ensure peace of mind, and prompt resolution of issues. It doesn’t matter if your business is small, medium or large, managed services can work with existing IT departments to save them money on desktop administration costs as well as implementing updates and deployments. We can provide bare metal backups and restores for critical pc’s and servers. We can find the best way to custom fit managed services into your existing business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hotel, manufacturing facility, law firm, or medical practice, we can find the right managed IT services for your business at the right price.

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