Managed Services FAQs

Answers to Your Most Important Questions

Q: What is Managed IT?
A: Managed IT is the process of outsourcing part or all of the operations and cost of a traditional in-house IT department to a third-party services provider. Compared to an in-house IT department, a managed IT services company provides the same service, but at much less cost to the serviced company. They achieve this cost savings by distributing operational costs across multiple clients. Partnering with a managed IT company gives you peace of mind, and decreases both the risk and expense of managing multiple IT partners. Contact KingPin Computers Today to see how you could be saving money on your IT services.

Q: Why should I choose KingPin Computers as my managed IT provider?
A: Not all managed IT providers are created equal. KingPin’s team of highly-trained specialists are constantly updating their knowledge to better serve their clients. Customer service is our obsession, which is why we offer 24/7 monitoring of your system and on-the-spot problem solving. We provide you with all of the latest on-site or off-site tools and service you may ever need. Whether outsourcing some or all of your IT, KingPin will help you manage the transition so you will see an instant drop in overhead.

Q: What is a managed IT service plan?
A: We can custom design a service plan to suit your needs. Whether supplementing your existing department or absorbing all of your IT services, we give you world-class service for any budget. We offer both on-site, on-cloud, and remote services, a live help desk, and any number of cloud-based computer, print and Web services for flexible service you can trust. Call us today at 216-496-4023 to discuss your custom service plan.

Q: On-Site, On-Cloud, and Remote Services, What’s the Difference?
A: We leave the answer up to you on this one. While we believe that some face-to-face support is necessary to build a relationship and better design your networking and computing solutions, you can receive any type of service you need. Many companies are moving to cloud-based IT management. We also offer cloud services to give you more flexibility, managing your networking and data management from the cloud. Finally we offer 24/7 remote support and assistance with problems. In short, we customize our services to suit your needs.

Q: Can you anticipate my needs?
A: The majority of IT service providers are reactive, meaning that they spend their time putting out fires instead of preventing them. When you partner with KingPin we analyze your system to identify weak points, then work to fill those gaps. Our certified professionals specialize in providing proactive service.

Q: Everyone’s talking about Cloud Computing, but we’re not entirely sold. Are you going to push us that direction?
A: We only provide services that you need and are comfortable with. We don’t believe in pushing products or technologies that won’t help a company, even if they are getting a lot of press. Our first goal is to meet your needs. If later you decide you want to explore Cloud Computing or some other new technology, we will be there to help you navigate it.

Q: What if we already have an IT department in house?
A: That’s fine! Many of our clients keep an in-house department to cover technical issues and networking problems that arise day-to-day. KingPin Computers works in conjunction with your in-house team to give you the greatest possible support at the best price for your business.

Q: What if I have a problem after business hours?
A: Our live help desk is active 24/7/365 to respond to your questions and problems and provide live support.

Q: Will we be assigned a technical consultant? Will he be available when we need him?
A: Yes, we will assign a primary consultant to handle your services; this is typically the President/CEO himself, Mr. Chad King. Either Mr. King or one of his technicians will be available for scheduled on-site visits. For problems arising when both consultants are off-duty, one of our other highly-trained and experienced professionals will assist you. He or she will be fully briefed on your requirements and your system prior to their arrival. Even if your assigned consultant is unavailable, we work hard to provide you with seamless, integrated support any time of day or night.

Q: Why does KingPin have a live Help Desk?
A: Our help desk exists for when your PC and networking issues can be solved remotely, for maximum speed, convenience and flexibility. Our help desk gives us greater speed in resolving issues, so that we can help you save money on technical support.

Q: Will KingPin recommend hardware or software for me?
A: Only if you truly want and need it. We only offer to sell you products that we believe you need in order for your system to maintain functionality and efficiency. We will beat the advertised price of any competitor, and are glad to give you unbiased recommendations.