Define: Managed IT

What is the Definition of Managed IT?

A managed IT services provider can give you the same level of support that an in-house IT department, at half of the cost. Because a managed IT company can distribute their operational costs across their client base, they take advantage of economies of scale to service multiple businesses at reduced cost. When you partner with a managed IT company, you can leave your computer and networking issues to them, allowing you to focus all of your attention on growing your business. The old break fix model for IT consulting is evolving into managed IT services across the world. The break fix model is a bad business model because a consulting firm needs things to break to stay in business. managed IT services allows for businesses to have a team of IT professionals on staff at a fraction of the cost of an employee. The better job a managed IT services firm does, the more up-time businesses experience. The break fix model is terrible because when a business is down, you’re not only losing the cost of your employee or employees, but you’re also paying large up front costs for an IT consulting firm to fix your work outage or business issues. It makes much more sense to have continuity in a business and experience up-time not outages. Call us for a proposal today.

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