Any files you keep on your computer, be they personal data, bank information, or work files are at risk of being corrupted by viruses and malware attacks. The only defense against these attacks is a robust Internet security platform. When you partner with KingPin Computers, you can relax, knowing that your home network is as secure as possible. KingPin has partnered with Yubico to provide you the Yubikey. It’s two layers of security that will protect your digital identity on the Internet using OTP or one time password technology.

KingPin offers comprehensive network administration including firewall setup, router installation and encryption, and 24/7 virus and malware scanning. Our team of certified professionals can help you mitigate damage in the event of an infection, or work with you to find the best prevention method for your budget. Call KingPin Computers today for a free quote on our Internet security consulting services.

YubiKey in Black $40.00
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