The KingPin Computers Terms of Use and Acceptance policy page explains the terms which you, the customer agree to for computer repairs via remote, on-site, or in-house services. Please read these terms of use carefully before you contact the computer technicians at KingPin Computers for computer repairs. KingPin Computers may at its discretion change, amend, or remove any of the terms of use at any time on the KingPin Computers website. All revisions to these terms of use are effective for services dated after said revisions. By using the KingPin website, you indicate that you have accepted these terms and agree to abide by all said terms of use below.

Upon agreeing to use the computer repair services of KingPin Computers, you accept that our services may revoke any computer manufacturer, software or hardware warranty. KingPin Computers does not assume any liability or warranty in the case of such voided warranty for any computer or computer network system. Furthermore, KingPin Computers will not offer a written or verbal warranty for any service performed.

KingPin Computers will not be held liable for additional cost of repairs should any damage occur while computer devices are being serviced whether due to KingPin Computers’ error or negligence or any other reason.

KingPin Computers will also not be liable for loss of or damage to data or software applications during service repairs. You agree, as the customer, that you will not seek additional fees above what you paid for the agreed upon service charges should damage to data occur.

KingPin Computers offers computer repair and support services on-site (residential and business), in-house (at our shop) and remotely. KingPin Computers will attempt to diagnose problems and/or make suggestions to correct problem via phone or email at no additional fee. However, a problem may not be resolved due to the computer’s configuration or another issue with the computer itself.

If the computer repair issue cannot be solved over the phone or email, it is the responsibility of the user to pay for any charges incurred to further diagnose, assess and rectify the problem whether KingPin Computers or another computer repair firm is used.

If a diagnosis is made, KingPin Computers will notify you with a verbal or electronic (email) estimate to properly repair your computer or computer network system. Your oral or electronic (email) consent constitutes an acceptable contract between you and the computer repair technicians at KingPin Computers to pay KingPin Computers the stated fee upon completion of repairs. Written estimates are provided at your request only.

Unless prior arrangements are made, payment is due when services are rendered. KingPin Computers accepts cash, check and all major credit cards. Any other arrangements must be made in advance of services being provided. KingPin Computers will make every attempt to provide the most accurate estimated charges for all repair services including additional hardware or software needed; however, not all estimates are guaranteed due to product upgrade pricing.

If you fail to pick up your computer desktop, laptop, or other media device after several attempts have been made to notify you of completion of repairs, KingPin Computers will at its discretion dispose of your computer. Any devices left with KingPin Computers after 30 days will be made available for sale or kept for parts.

Customers must provide KingPin Computers a detailed description of all computer repair problems as well as computer model and serial numbers at the time of service. If KingPin Computers requires additional information, which will help expedite the repairs of such computers, then the Customer must immediately make this information available. Additional information may include software or hardware manuals, original legally licensed installation CD’s, passwords, etc.
PC repair customers are solely responsible for maintaining backup copies of ALL data on your computer(s) or other media devices, and backup of files should be performed prior to KingPin Computers servicing your computer device when available. KingPin Computers’ technicians, partners or affiliates are not responsible for lost, missing, unrecoverable or damaged data.

This agreement between the Customer and KingPin Computers shall be construed under the laws of the State of Ohio. In the event any dispute arises under this agreement or in any manner concerning the subject matter thereof, the parties agree that any such dispute shall be subject to binding arbitration only, and the parties expressly waive any and all rights they may have to otherwise proceed with such dispute resolution in a court of law.

KingPin Computers may refer you to third party websites that offer services and/or products that may help in repairing your computer or other media device or be of assistance to you. The computer technicians at KingPin Computers in no way constitute, imply, mean or suggest an evaluation or approval of such merchants or their products and/or services.
KingPin Computers is not responsible in any way for any other third party software or web sites’ products, services or information. You agree that KingPin Computers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from visiting suggested third party web sites.


KingPin Computers reserves the right to terminate computer repair serves for any reason at any time, and refund any fees paid up front, if any, after the termination of such services. If you, the Customer, breach the terms contained in the agreed upon Terms of Use and Acceptance Policy, no refund will be provided unless we provide a refund for terminating services for our convenience.